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Before you ask me for a (How much is it going to cost me price) you first have to define the level of performance you seek.
Performance comes in stages and each stage brings with it additional time and additional costs.
Answer the questions: What do you want. What do you need. What is your budget.

My primary business is building Hot Work Chainsaws. Hot Work Chainsaws are saws that cut timber all day.
These saws require minimum weight and maximum power. That is what I build.
That is what I deliver: reliable, Dyno Proven powerful chainsaws.

I also repair chainsaws to get them working good as new keeping them original.


Stage1: Porting 15-25% gain. Set squish, port and polish, muffler mod, test ===> $350.

Stage2: Porting up to 35% gain. Machine popup piston, set squish, port and polish, muffler mod, test ===> $450.

Stage3: Porting up to 50% gain. Machine combustion chamber and/or match piston to it if applicable,
port and polish, muffler mod, test ===> $600.

Stage5 Custom: Porting up to 70% gain. Includes everything above with addition of more extensive
port work and timing numbers ===> $1000.

Custom builds, 2 piece heads, and tuned pipes are also available.